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Hello, I Am Beverly


I am here on this planet after many life experiences to offer guidance to help you on your path for your Soul Purpose.  I help you tap into your own spiritual empowerment  so that you may Reign in your Life at the levels you desire, with that extra frequency energy to shift things over into your Reignbow Light.  As an RN for many years with intuitive Life Coaching skills, along with ability at shifting energy fields for the greatest good, I have a well-rounded background to help you shift and stay on track.

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"You are STILL HERE so you can yet rise up, grow, flower, SHINE BRIGHT, Align your power, Purpose, Health, Relationships with your TRUTH."

 “From God To You Absolute Truth”

Pages 139-140, by Elliott Eli Jackson,

From Source:


The Absolute Truths

With One Repetition



WE are all there is, was and ever shall be.

WE love you, you are us and WE are you.

Freedom of Choice is the greatest gift there is.

WE never interfere with freedom of choice.

WE speak absolute truth.

WE do not control.

WE do not punish.

WE do not correct.

WE give loving truth and guidance.

Freedom of choice is the greatest gift there is.


 “WE will always inform you of what is in your highest good, either by placing it within your subconscious mind or causing someone to tell you.


Our dear beloved ones, these are the Absolute Truths of your reality; anything else is not.  You may believe them or not, you have freedom of choice.  However, know this, whatever you do, think, or say, these are the Absolute Truths with one repetition; you cannot change this fact.”


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