Meet Beverly

Hello I am Beverly!


I use tools and quantum techniques for enhancing your energy field and teach how YOU can transform relationships with your body, mind,

spirit, family, and community to maintain health on all levels.


I give you tools to maintain self-empowered wholeness.

Removing obstacles, you can connect into greater self-confidence with your inner source of well-being, your love. Raising your vibration is the key to success; and it is a process to learn how to master.


Partnering with me, Beverly, as your Life Coach with Source, you will learn to navigate your life consciously with flow and ease. You can know what it is like to feel supported in the flow of the universe, connected to the Source of all that is, in love and acceptance of who you are unconditionally, to start feeling more joy and create a better life, flowing free of past impingement.


As desired, I also give Divine Grace energy infusions, “Blessings”, for all things to work together with higher consciousness and awareness.  We also drop down into the Zero Point energy field of the heart that initiates transformational shifts in your holographic energy field. These shifts release stuck energy patterns impacting health, life situations, and support flow of desired intentions of the highest good.


Multiple Trainings: RN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse Case Manager, Matrix Energetics Transformational Techniques, Certified Quantum Matrix Spiritual Life Coach, Egoscue Postural Alignment Therapy,  and Access Consciousness Bars.


Vibrational Energy Healing Tools:

Bemer Machine Micro Circulation Flow Energy Technology, Vogel Crystal healing, Crystal Surgery and other crystal grid work, BioGenesis energy grids and tools, Tuning Fork sound healing, and Young Living Essential Oil aromatherapy.


Divine Energy Initiations:  Ordained Minister, Reiki Master - Teacher.

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