June 26, 2020

Weights and Wings 

Weights and Wings, these are the Things.  See what each of these Brings:

Weights can keep one in doubt, to pout “what a lout”, which just drags one out.

Wings have clout that can lift one away from decay; to help one stay, going forward into more love e...

Our Personal Portal to Peace
Surrendering into Love to accept what is,
during a time of intense fragility,
is the key to accessing greater ability.
It opens a portal beyond what we could see,
showing The Truth that we are Eternally Free.
Then The Great Spirit of us can...

June 12, 2020

You  are all right, no matter the plight,

You can now open, more into your Light. 

It’s neither right nor wrong nor good or bad:

But to judge anyone as such, You will be had 

by the game of shame, to make others bad.

Remember, All are the same, no matter the name,

so cast n...

May 15, 2020

Having existed through the night, yet you are seen as Sparkly Bright. No matter the lessons learned, or how your soul churned, you were birthed in tender loving

March 13, 2020

All is well as He Was Swell

It was swell, and we did well,

to help each other along our path, so there is no aftermath,

or drama, to create more karma as there was indeed a nudge not to judge.

At first my heart rang like a bell, as I came out of such a dry spell

of love; as...

December 10, 2019

In love unconditional, “Superb” is a word

describing where we abide

without having tried.

It is where patience “to just Be” is not required,

once we realize we are already admired.

To love, “superb” is a word of how we are known

as being excellent, outstanding, remarkable, m...

November 3, 2019

To be in alignment with our Spiritual body during our Spiritual Awakening, we can raise our vibration higher in our emotional and mental body by doing various processes like the letter writing “Release Process”, and the “Low Self Esteem Blocker Kit” spoken of in books...

The word “Wonder”:“a marvel, which inspires awe”- Now here to include:
“Our integration with the marvelous manifestation of full magnificence in the Light”

Words of thunder, words of Light, crest now, wonder, with all might. Lifting higher from the mire, rising beyond t...

October 26, 2018

Our Rainbow Flame

Together we came,

not one of us lame, nor knew any shame.

There is no one to blame, as we are ALL the same:

as a beautiful rainbow flame, with each their own name.

But we created such a fuss, as we forgot that we are US,

ordering each other as to the back o...

September 5, 2018

It’s OK

It’s ok to be at peace within yourself because you are the Beauty that you see everywhere; you are the love of the beauty you see everywhere despite other care. 

Just be quiet in this peace, your peace, your beauty, and the beauty you see everywhere: your love....

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June 12, 2020

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