August 24, 2018

Upon news of devastating unmet expectations, massive catastrophe or travesties of crimes, we are shocked into finding greater light.  We must stand up against the harsh violence accosting us without and within. Yet in the depths of grief, for our dreams now dashed to p...

September 30, 2017

Love’s Inner Freedom

Love never fails.  True unconditional love from within is the only thing one can be addicted to and still experience greater and greater realization of freedom, because you are expanding in your individual choices in love, in that total freedom of s...

“You Are Beautiful”

If we forgot ho w beautiful we are, how are we beautiful?

It is in the power of acknowledging consciously of who we are, who you are, as a desired individual to be as you are, a precious being that deserves to be loved, to love, and be a unique expres...

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Freedom Light

June 12, 2020

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