Crystal Surgery

$120.00 an hour

Energetically extracts dis-harmonic energy in your auric field to facilitate healing.

Reiki Sessions

$85.00 an hour

For allowing your life force energy to flow through to you without blocks for improving wellbeing on all levels.  There is a long history of many people reporting manifestations of sped up healing.

Spiritual Life Coaching

$85.00 an hour

Raise your vibration levels so you can change Life Patterns by doing specific things for body, mind, and spirit and be guided through a specific “Releasing” of past relationships, assistance with Refinement of Priorities, Objectives & Goal tracking

Beamer Machine Testing

$85.00 an hour

*HRV testing &/or Health Coaching:  Bemer Machine is a scientifically proven (in Europe) state of the art energy mat (with several attachments) with different frequency settings, used in over 4000 hospitals and clinics which they use to enhance wellbeing at the physical level; For energy enhancing skin health, enhancing eye health and increasing blood flow throughout the whole body at the microcirculation levels.

Health Coaching: to give HRV results and guidance for health related concerns

*HRV Testing for level of health related to age and reserves- for tracking Health

Energy Clearing Work

$85.00 an hour

For the aura, the energy field surrounding your physical body, home or land that helps improve protection and a sense of peace.

Transformation Energy shifts

$85.00 an hour

Facilitated by intention, dropping down into the heart space with you, we together restore your flow in life by reconnecting the life situations or symptoms you feel “stuck” in, with the field of All Possibility, to allow your life to flow into greater possibilities of the highest good. Or in other words, I help you energetically “Let Go and Let God” into those solutions not yet understood or known of the “how” things can work out for your highest good without the blocks.

Crystal Grid Design

$85.00 an hour

To enhance energetic harmony for your home, room or land.

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