You Are Beautiful

“You Are Beautiful”

If we forgot ho w beautiful we are, how are we beautiful?

It is in the power of acknowledging consciously of who we are, who you are, as a desired individual to be as you are, a precious being that deserves to be loved, to love, and be a unique expression of love, participating in all the wonders of learning and creating in your life, of you; as a highly desired part of all that is.

A beautiful precious creation is allowed to be, and be admired solely because it is, without any condition except being admired in its existence as “beautiful”, like a diamond, an antique car, a work of art, etc. The power of its beauty motivates protection and preservation of the value of this beauty. The degree of beauty preserved, depends on the amount and intensity of admiration and appreciation claimed for it.

That is the degree of power beauty has, that we also have, as we claim it for us. We are always beautiful but the power is in noticing this, as we have our own power, which emanates from our beauty. The certainty of our power in how beautiful we are and the beauty in how powerful we are, only comes from living in ourunconditional love without judgment, with immutable acceptance as ALWAYS being adored as an integral part of all there is, was and ever shall be.As this is the key:that there is nothing wrong with us. The moment we belie ve there is, our po wer collapse s within us- does it not? (Ex:Learning to walk is not a crime. Deserting ourselves if we fall down while learning is not moving forward!)Every new moment is a new moment of learning to walk in life. Each step is new.

Look at the stars and planets at night, a baby’s face, a dolphin, a waterfall, a rainbow, and an eagle soaring in the sky. The fact that we are able to perceive these beautiful wondrous things means we are contributing to their very existence. All that is, of these beautiful creations, participate with us as a part of who we are. This joint fellowship in creation can be experienced by accepting the beauty and love that inherently exists within each of us.

You support the beauty of who you are by supporting the beauty of all the creations of who they are by contributing the energies of admiration, gratefulness, honor and appreciation. Perceiving and feeling this in all creation, with others, includes you. So your own allowing of this perception of self, this absolute truth, as the beautiful being that you are supports the beautiful prolife ration of all that is.

In return, this brings forth support from all corners of the Universe for you to more consciously experience the beautiful being that you are. Through acceptance of yourself, as the beautiful marvelous lovely being that you truly are, “ All That Is” of the highest vibrations amplifies the reality of your beauty, light, and love; and you can more easily let go of feelings of judgment, suffering, and strife; and the higher vibrations of your beauty, light, and love can emanate more fully from within . It is only lower vibrations influencing you with the belie f that there is something wrong with you that you are therefore flawed, ugly, and unacceptable. BUT it is a lie. Whereas, (despite all negative embedded reinforced private andpublic opinions), you are absolutely beautiful including all your gifts, appearance, loving aspirations, and unique light. This is the absolute truth,even if you currently do not see this. You just have not claimed it enough yet to see it.

When one believes the lie, that something is wrong with them, forgetting how beautiful they are, their po wer collapses, allowing more influence of strife , and suffering. This suffering from surrende ring your po wer by the belief something is wrong with you contributes to lower vibrational choices and actions not of the highest good. Yet, unconditionally, eve n though you forgot, you are still loved and kno wn as the beautiful person you are. Whe n fee ling unloved , one acts from the current level of vibration (consciousness) of the information you chose to believe at that time, so you could do nothing else. However, this can lead to even more spiraling do wn with lowered vibrations, causing even more grief, despair, and suffering to you and others around you; depending on ho w long you forget.

Because if we have given up our power by forgetting how beautiful we are, lower vibrations of being will use our power (that is still there, by the way), because we surrendered our power to them by default. Relinquishing our power by default starts when we belie ve the lie and forget we are beautiful. When we forget we are beautiful, we have denied expression of our beauty to the rest of all creation, including the stars and planets at night, a baby’s face, a dolphin, a waterfall, a rainbow, and an eagle soaring in the sky. All creation rejoices with you as you rise up to remember your beauty, because your power to create contributes a unique expression and expansion of love to the whole cosmos. So raising up your vibration by remembering your beauty and claiming back your power raises up the vibration of the whole planet and more!

So, no matter where you may be struggling with lower vibrations, you are still able to turn things around by claiming and rejoicing in the marvel of you, by saying “I am Beautiful” multiple times every day; because you really are. Looking in a mirror gazing into your own eyes helps you remember you are beautiful when you say this. Others will start noticing it too and give more compliments!

Saying the truth of your beauty claims back the unique , treasured power of YOU, the magnificent precious being that you really are, as there is no other like you.

This is the Truth. As, All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be already knows this, but has no greater joy than to have you join the party of experiencing a happier life here to be accessed, if you so choose. And freedom of choice of each individual is a great privilege respected by The Source of All That Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. But REMEMBER: You are so Loved, and REMEMBER, You Are Beautiful. Reclaim your power with this choice. So say: “I AM Beautiful ”. Rise above your current vibration. Whatever follows the words “I AM”: is. So it is uttered, so it is. I AM Grateful. I am grateful for all of life including you, including me. Together, it is meant to be.

Inspired through Beverly A. McCaw, RN, BSN, CJLF 6/ 2/ 16

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