Our Personal Portal to Peace

Our Personal Portal to Peace Surrendering into Love to accept what is, during a time of intense fragility, is the key to accessing greater ability. It opens a portal beyond what we could see, showing The Truth that we are Eternally Free. Then The Great Spirit of us can guide our way, past a seemingly unbearable day. By facing any lacks, we eclipse further attacks, stopping fear in its tracks. With fear out of the way, we have a new say: We can loosen our tongue of old mire, now free of the dung of lower desire, to ask for wiser detection, of a higher direction. Speaking gratitude becomes more than a platitude, for our attitude shifts into a brighter magnitude. Beyond pain that hits as a crippling dart, we receive healing into our heart, and let go of hurts to generate a fresh new start. Joy expands to create a brand new chart, supported in higher vibrational harmony with all that is,was, and ever shall be. Surrendering within our Divine is the bottom line for hearing, saying, and remembering we are mighty fine. Shifting into this enlightened time, we can now reside in greater sublime, as One with our Beloved inspiring this rhyme! Isn’t this prime? Dissolved now in much greater than hope, the once unbearable, is incomparable, with this transcendent way to cope, through this very powerful scope, of surrendering in to Love; Our Personal Portal to Peace from above.

Beverly Ann McCaw, Dove Post, LLC, 4/17/16

#peace #portal #gratitude #healing #poem #spirit #surrendering

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