All is well as He Was Swell

All is well as He Was Swell

It was swell, and we did well,

to help each other along our path, so there is no aftermath,

or drama, to create more karma as there was indeed a nudge not to judge.

At first my heart rang like a bell, as I came out of such a dry spell

of love; as I was not accepting it from above.

I had been rising out of old mire that I must retire from desire,

which awakened new hope and I was realizing some fire.

So I met him when I was longing, still not quite belonging.

He told me I was beautiful, and oh he was so dutiful,

to give me a kiss, which I so did miss,

To help remind me what I had forgotten, that indeed I was not rotten!

We gave each other gifts, smoothing other’s old rifts.

Once we did have our fun, our course had been run

of sharing similar skills, then to notice some ills.

So I must be real, as he’s not my long-term deal:

He has longer to heal, with a tendency to steal

away my attention of my soul plan I did mention.

How to say good-bye: Oh why, Oh my, but I will not die!

My heart is aching, with a little shaking after such a gain

but now with this pain, of beneficial loss:

as it would be an albatross, to take on such dross

of being unevenly yoked, with a cautionary bloke,

which would be no joke, for him, or me, to poke.

We enjoyed caring for one another, yet he’s not my spiritual brother.

I have realized now there will be an “other” that will be my druther:

One who is my true soul mate, which will not be too late.

-if only I just wait, and stay unattached, until I meet my catch.

So I will wait.

But at this time, I do have this rhyme,

of this recent man’s wonderful gifts and company;

bringing me back into the symphony,

of fun, laughter, and love that we shared from above.

Yet it is best to let go, and only cherish the roe, guarding there to be no foe.

Now with my heart filled with, “thank you”, know,

It was healing to enjoy a very fun beau!

By Beverly Ann McCaw, RN, BSN, CJLC, Dove Post LLC, 9/12/2016

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