It's OK

It’s OK

It’s ok to be at peace within yourself because you are the Beauty that you see everywhere; you are the love of the beauty you see everywhere despite other care.

Just be quiet in this peace, your peace, your beauty, and the beauty you see everywhere: your love. Align with it, sink back into it. You are that love.

Let go of the false identities of any sense of separateness created from all your concerns over any mis-takes, consequences or dramas in your current life.

Letting go of the pain of mis-takes and anticipated mis-takes graduates you to higher and deeper levels in your love, into a greater expanse of experiencing who you truly are. There is a higher choice now, one towards peace with your true self.

Allow the sense of mis-takes to melt away. Allowing nonjudgmental love to shine on mis-takes inspires these lemons in life to morph into lemonade. Trust that things will begin to look different, then different will look better, and the perception of better will morph until the perceptions of peace and love is all there is.

Letting go of the past, opens your heart into love unconditional, which is the only place true peace thrives. Let go, putting the past behind, even one second of thoughts ago, as if falling into the first gaze of newborn innocence, because that is the way you are always and truly perceived by the Divine. Always. That is what unconditional love is.

When you are in peace, mis-takes do not thrive no matter the consequences you survive. But now, live from this moment, as that is truly where you are (because all we have is this new moment and all mis-takes have come…and gone…or may never come).

There is so much to rejoice about. So, connect with rejoicing and reveling in all of this wonder, as it is you, amidst of it all, in this moment. Mother Earth and all of nature supports you with all of her beauty reflecting back to you so much to marvel at.

Now revel in your peace, like a field of country flowers gently swaying in a soft sunny day breeze. It is of this peace that all of the beauty of creation is, that is at peace and harmony with you, and within you, and adoring you in this moment.

Feel this harmony with all the beauty you love, cherish, and rejoice in.

Now realize you are so cherished as every beautiful thing you love is only a reflection back to you… of you, of your true heart, your true love.

It’s ok to be at peace within yourself. This is your true home. Home Sweet Home.

Peace Beverly Ann McCaw RN, BSN, CJLC, Dove Posts, LLC. 7/22/16

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