Our Rainbow Flame

Our Rainbow Flame

Together we came,

not one of us lame, nor knew any shame.

There is no one to blame, as we are ALL the same:

as a beautiful rainbow flame, with each their own name.

But we created such a fuss, as we forgot that we are US,

ordering each other as to the back of a bus.

We will remain on that plane, in that circling pus,

until we no longer complain, or pain more to cuss.

By calling on Love to sustain, any can cease from this bane.

So meditate in silence, to let go all the violence;

as comfort will come between thoughts, to heal all your “oughts”.

Any perplex-able will now seem more flexible.

Love’s full acceptance, is here every day;

so converse with US fully, all the way.

Also, “Pray out loud”, WE say,

as it powers your talk, and strengthens your walk.

This raises your vibration, to see of no separation,

of what is, was, and ever shall be, from any situation.

In group harmony, we all play so charmingly!

Each individually, enhances their ability, arising in their role,

to empower all to flower, contributing to the whole.

We can flow in Oneness, see?

It is a reunion of communion; but here is the key:

Remember who you really are;

each fully capable, wholly elate-able, without mar;

Honor each as equal, each on par!

Being with Creator, there is no later, than knowing who you are:

The most brilliant beautiful rainbow flame, beaming like a star!

#rainbow #flame #pray #love #harmony #oneness

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