Raising One’s Physical Vibration

To be in alignment with our Spiritual body during our Spiritual Awakening, we can raise our vibration higher in our emotional and mental body by doing various processes like the letter writing “Release Process”, and the “Low Self Esteem Blocker Kit” spoken of in books at authored by “Source” through Elliott Eli Jackson. Very importantly, we must also support the raising of our physical body’s vibration too, Source says. There are specific ways that only each individual can do for themself, which no other therapy or treatment can substitute. When there is a wide gap between the vibrations of our physical and our spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies, we can feel sick often. Random symptoms can be felt as the higher frequencies trigger lower vibrational frequencies held in our body. It makes sense.

These higher frequencies are inescapable. The recommended fresh veggie, fruit & fiber juicing with regular exercise, does support the raising of the vibration of our body.

It will enable the higher frequencies of our spirit to manifest more smoothly through our physical. The juicing combo is live sun energy food that is absorbed the fastest (the healthiest Fast Food). It stimulates safe liver detoxification, cellular purification, and eases receiving the higher frequencies to support healing. In our current world, most of what we eat is dead food; meaning live sun energy is gone. Our body is then dulled into not easily absorbing the nutrition it needs. It is overcome with managing over-production of mucus. More mucus is produced to protect our body from toxins and acid of dead food, poor gut health, as well as chemicals our body produces from emotional and physical stress. The emotional and mental bodies affect the health of the physical too, through generating brain chemicals triggered by stress of anxious thoughts and emotions.

Our body’s overall level of vibration is determined by our primary emotional states. Scientific studies show whatever the most constant emotion a person manifests will cause a certain brain chemical to dominate production to all the cells in the body. So, the cells, when it divides, being bombarded with lots of that particular chemical from the emotions, will make the new cells with more of those receiving doors MULTIPLIED on each cell wall, to make room for increasing the chemicals into each cell. Hence, ALL the body’s cells can become "addicted", like a vacuum, to suck in more and more of the emotional chemicals you created during times of not managing emotional stress:

Attaining at a certain level then, a depressed person will be more efficient at the cellular level to stay more depressed, with fewer joy receiving areas on their cells. BUT a joyful person will stay even more joy filled, with even less and less depressive receiving areas on their cells! Our most frequent emotions dictate which level of vibration dominate to influence how our body feels all over, which then effects our body either positively or negatively, creating a continuous loop feeding itself to stay in that same condition. Physical un-fitness then, besides producing less endorphins to feel physically happy, can cause a liver to be overloaded with toxins of lower vibrational stress chemicals and dead food. Yet it can’t release toxins too quickly as it would kill us. So the liver remains bogged down causing misunderstood symptoms throughout our body. Then our immune system dealing with poor gut health and overloaded toxins, needs even more energy to defend us against disease states. This drains our sense of vitality, lowering our vibration even more, slowing our spiritual body from animating our higher consciousness into our physical! The only way to break the cycle is to do something different connected to a higher vibrational activity and intention.

Do not be fooled if you are one with a thriving spiritual practice but you have not been physically active for long periods, or eaten fresh food consistently: as our body has reserves but once used up, disease physically manifests. Then health crisis are more difficult to reverse. For the majority of us, sitting is our primary activity while driving or using our computer. To safely increase the fitness of our body, our heart needs to be strengthened first. That is why Source recommends first starting with a cardio activity anywhere from walking to using an Elliptical machine. Also, the heart area of our body receives and pumps through us the higher frequency love energy to manifest healing in the physical realm to the rest of our world! So starting cardio activity is like hooking up to our "Physical Battery Rejuvenator". We are re-generating our physical energy similar to those peddling a bicycle, hooked to a battery for generating electrical energy in battery cells so light bulbs can stay lit in their house. In the physical realm we are responsible to keep our physical house lit. Regular cardio activity helps us receive more energy into our cells and gradually increases our storage battery power connected with our heart. Do not listen to the BIG LIE that we are too tired to do cardio activity as it gives us energy by opening the door of our cells to receive more life force energy. Doing it as tolerated, consistently, is the key. Our Light Body needs the physical prepared.

To break that cycle of lower vibrational physical addiction, we must eat appropriate juiced live food and do cardio to begin to stimulate our body and enliven our heart, which needs special energy support too. Our heart not only pumps blood but is in the energy center for receiving the higher love energy we desire to flow to others for healing! The heart has the only muscle tissue in our body where each cell individually pumps. All other muscle cells are inactive unless they have an outside stimulus. So if our physical heart center energy is low, it limits how much higher frequency energy can move through our physical body to help heal our self, and others too.

Supporting our physical energy helps strengthen our protective energy shield too. The vibration of our physical body is an important factor of how strong our energy shield is. The more our physical body is in harmony with the higher vibration of our spiritual body, the stronger our energy protection is. This is because when our body's vibration is too high to allow it, our body’s energy fields will not be weakened to the influence as easily, to lower vibrations from other sources. Therefore, all of us that are sending the lower vibrational portions away from ourselves, or others, can help maintain our energy shields protection against spiritual attack by being consistent with juicing and exercising. We are loved and not judged whether we do it or not. The extra time preparing the juicing drink and exercising, decreases the time spent with dis-ease. So, partnering with Source to consistently feed our body with live juicing and exercise, we can succeed to higher vibrations. Only we determine how much higher vibrational love energy we can receive and send physically with ease, to the rest of our physical world.

Rev. Bev McCaw, RN, BSN, CJLC, Dove Post, LLC 11/3/16

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