In love unconditional, “Superb” is a word

describing where we abide

without having tried.

It is where patience “to just Be” is not required,

once we realize we are already admired.

To love, “superb” is a word of how we are known

as being excellent, outstanding, remarkable, marvelous,

impressive, exquisite, fine, glorious…

So we are now and ever will be equally worthy

to experience fellowship with other magnificent, majestic, splendid,

grand, awe-inspiring, breathtaking people, places and beings…

So remember:

Love is unconditional in that

you are always accepted as superb as you are,

no matter your past present or future.

Because you are already

unequivocally beautiful,

infinitely wonderful,

and uniquely cherished.

So Remember:

You can experience the many blessings that you are

by keeping your thoughts limber,

as you are way beyond mar;

even when moving through unpleasant char.

You can maintain peace that others cannot disturb,

by reminding in love daily you are superb.

Beverly A. McCaw RN, BSN, CJLC, Dove Post, LLC 12/12/2016

#superb #poem #love #rememeber #justbe

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