Illumined Beyond Sorrow

Upon news of devastating unmet expectations, massive catastrophe or travesties of crimes, we are shocked into finding greater light. We must stand up against the harsh violence accosting us without and within. Yet in the depths of grief, for our dreams now dashed to pieces, of those suddenly taken from us, or those choosing to leave unexpectedly, we are beckoned. These sources of joy now changed, beckons us now to resurface into a higher compassionate truth, so these extremes do not perpetuate any darkness within us.

Of those lost, we are called to recognize the gifts they gave us so the gifts that were given are not drowned forever in unrequited sorrow. We can realize these gifts have helped make us the wonderful person we are today to draw us to transcend despair. We are now part of their legacy to perpetuate these contributions of light and love in yet who we are.

Our dreams with those we shared have not been lost in their transitions to go a different way, but expand in greater freedom where hidden hope is now revealed where we can open our hearts to a brighter path.

Honor the joy they gave as a vehicle to live on in our own life anew. They are calling us to a love that bears all experiences in realms of higher existence. We can recognize the light they gave us in prismed colors never envisioned before.

We can bow in our tears embracing those gifts we shared, where sorrow is let go into allowing greater communion, still unified in heart. The illusion of separation is shattered. We have an illumined fellowship with a brilliance of all brilliance, of a communing love forever here, that transforms any loss or hopelessness, even beyond the grave.

The source of all life has not died with tragedy but calls us out to recognize a love that never fails where new colors of creation shine greater clarity to honor all of us that were, are, and ever will be, in all that is. New spectrums of life are apparent as we expand our focus to allow hope to retrieve these legacies of joy to propel us onward in expanded light and love.

Beverly McCaw 5/5/2017

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