Sparkle Bright

Having existed through the night, yet you are seen as Sparkly Bright.

No matter the lessons learned, or how your soul churned,

you were birthed in tender loving light.

You are still here, right now, as am I, as, I AM.

Awareness arising, we are an opening heart that is budding

with an infused well of passion, to thrive alive.

As our “Love Blossom” suckles from this well of living waters,

it opens like an opossum awakening into a roaring lion

with a fully blooming mane of light, radiating out a Chiron’s call:

“Time to be healed, lame, and those with shame”,

who have been struggling in the pool of illusion,

thirsting in the desert of lies.

Drink in discerning Presence, of my soothing essence,

to “arise and walk” whole again.

“Come Forth”

Allow wisdom to join within,

to kiss all pain into bliss –imagine this!

The shriveled soul is pinked back into plumped wholeness

with continual heartfelt hugs,

fully gratifying my love of you with fullness of joy!

My heart swoons with you into perpetual orgasms of light.

“Nothing can compare to you”

as I behold your riveting golden threads of life

sweetly being weaved into the perfected tapestry

of the masterpiece of You,

that always was and always will be:

“the twinkle of my eye”.

Say good-bye to the night.

NOW, Sparkle Bright!

Beverly Ann McCaw 7/27/15, Dove Posts, LLC

#sparkle #bright #sparklebright #IAM #NOW

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