Freedom Light

You are all right, no matter the plight,

You can now open, more into your Light.

It’s neither right nor wrong nor good or bad:

But to judge anyone as such, You will be had

by the game of shame, to make others bad.

Remember, All are the same, no matter the name,

so cast no blame, nor buy into shame.

Freedom is not inciting strife to save your own life.

Freedom can come even if You were dying,

being killed for not lying.

So quit acting lame by buying into shame.

Neither by accusing nor abusing- or is that why You came?

Also, condemning the judge that unjustly condemns you,

makes You no different, that fact is true.

Being judged unjustly is not true as they say,

but condemning the judge You will become that way;

Keep hardening your heart, and You will come back as they.

So keep your heart soft no matter the loss, no matter the boss,

And You can shine it off.

You can shine brighter in your play, Because you are unlimited, beyond this day. There is no difference, remember this way:

Awaken from shame or blaming others - even yourself, OK?

You are all right, no matter the plight,

Now You are opening, more into your Light.

B Ever Li, Dove Post L

LC 6/8/2017

#freedom #light #truth #blame #remember #judging

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