Weights and Wings

Weights and Wings

Weights and Wings, these are the Things. See what each of these Brings:

Weights can keep one in doubt, to pout “what a lout”, which just drags one out.

Wings have clout that can lift one away from decay; to help one stay, going forward into more love each way. Wings keep weights at bay; to help each feeling Okay!

Wings give us hope, they waft us away from feeling like a dope and help us cope.

They will help to convey peace toward another day; to poof, to undo, what would make one blue; those things you mistakenly thought that were you!

So what? Are you going to keep saying “But”?

If so, it will drag you under to go: …down, down, down…until you come around, …once more…feeling those weights again that you did deplore and even abhor.

To feel all those weights once more that one tried to ignore. What a bore- yet we’ve most all done it…before;

Deciding to take another spin in a new bin…struggling to find one’s wings again, …until we can see we can Win, Remembering we are all Love…once again.

So Live or Die…you can still choose to rely, really Fly; Even Now, on New Wings.

Instead of stuck into wondering: Why? And still claiming “unsure”; Doubting… letting oneself be dragged down, down, down, to passively Die, instead of to Fly.

Must we comply? “NO” Just so you know, how it can go. Each soul can go forward, backwards, & sidewards; while trying to overcome weights; letting go of “hates” eventually flying higher and higher into all Love.

So one can still find those wings; those uplifting things, that can keep one in Bling!

It’s a Happiness Thing- but it’s realizing you are “Enough”, in fact, your are even “Real Tough”, so let’s call this Bluff!

Anyone can decide to get back in the ring equipped with knowing you are enough.

But choosing indecision is a weight that will decide one’s fate, to be too late this time around; oh what a pound, another round!

One can still put their hat back in the ring, this life, to overcome strife, as you are a beautiful being; worth True Seeing, instead of repeating. But repeating is OK too; just don’t like seeing anyone blue. So now Be True- Know, its up to You. You are loved whatever you do. It’s nice knowing how things can be going by your choice; with your voice; your wing, your bling. You have the Power to Re-Flower!

It’s each one’s song of how long! Just know you Belong.

Weights and Wings, these are the things!

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