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Crystal Surgery

Because crystals vibrate at a fixed frequency, they make excellent healing tools; bringing our energy level to their's once coming into contact. The crystal will interact your vibration and bring you into more peaceful state of being.

Spiritual Life Coach

Raise your vibration by learning to see the world in a more positive way, and create a more balanced lifestyle by taking care of your fourfold being; the physical, the emotional, the mental, and of course, the spiritual.

Add'l Services

We offer many additional services other than life coaching and crystal surgery. All of these are tools that when combined with a set plan help raise your vibration much faster and in more alignment with your true self.

Raising Your Vibration
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Crystal Surgery

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Crystal surgery is an ancient art of healing with Crystals. Crystals are energy transmitters. They can absorb, focus, and transmit subtle electromagnetic energy (example: watches and radios, using quartz crystals.) For this reason, they make excellent healing tools. Because crystals have a pure energy that vibrates at a fixed, stable & unchangeable frequency, they can bring our energy level to their energy level...

To be in alignment with our Spiritual body during our Spiritual Awakening, we can raise our vibration higher in our emotional and mental body by doing various processes. Very importantly, we must also support the raising of our physical body’s vibration too. There are specific ways that only each individual can do for themself, which no other therapy or treatment can substitute....

Together we came,
not one of us lame,

nor knew any shame.

There is no one to blame,

as we are ALL the same:
as a beautiful rainbow flame, with each their own name.

But we created such a fuss,

as we forgot that we are US,

ordering each other as to the back of a bus.

"You are STILL HERE, so you can yet rise up, grow, flower, and SHINE BRIGHT. Align your power, Purpose, Health, and Relationships with your TRUTH."
"From God To You Absolute Truth"

From Source:

Pages 139-140, by Elliott Eli Jackson,

The Absolute Truths
With One Repetition
WE are all there is, was and ever shall be.
WE love you, you are us and WE are you.
Freedom of Choice is the greatest gift there is.
WE never interfere with freedom of choice.
WE speak absolute truth.
WE do not control.
WE do not punish.
WE do not correct.
WE give loving truth and guidance.
Freedom of choice is the greatest gift there is.

We will always inform you of what is in your highest good, either by placing it within your subconscious mind or causing someone to tell you. OUR dear ones, these are the Absolute Truths of your reality, anything else is not. You may believe them or not; you have freedom of choice. However, know this, whatever you do, think, or say, these are the Absolute Truths with one repetition; you cannot change this fact.