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Crystal Surgery

What is it?

Crystal surgery is an ancient art of healing with Crystals. Crystals are energy transmitters. They can absorb, focus, and transmit subtle electromagnetic energy (example: watches and radios, using quartz crystals.) For this reason, they make excellent healing tools.

Because crystals have a pure energy that vibrates at a fixed, stable & unchangeable frequency, they can bring our energy level to their energy level. Upon coming in contact with a crystal, the vibrations of the crystal will interact with and change your vibration, bringing you back into a state of peace and harmony.

With Crystal surgery, the crystals are used like energetic scalpels to remove unwanted blocks of negative energy and to remove excess energy that may have resulted in, for example, migraines, headaches, and fevers, etc.

Crystal surgery offers energetic support for your body to heal naturally and will not interfere, but instead, support any other modality you are undergoing. It even supports healthy energy prior to and post operative a medical surgical procedure.

Resonance is the key principal of crystal healing. Most matter is crystalline in nature. Our bodies will take on the energy being transmitted from the crystal. Quartz crystals have a similar molecular structure as water, which responds when charged with crystal energy by developing a more coherent crystalline structure. Since our bodies are mostly water, healing intentions directed and amplified through crystals can easily transfer to our bodies and stabilize our health.

Healing practitioners also use their intuitive abilities to facilitate healing through intention; a scientifically proven principle discovered by Masaru Emoto, who proved how intention actually changes the crystalline structure in water.

Crystals have been used to assist in the healing process for thousands of years.

By placing crystals on the physical imbalanced areas due to dis-ease, of mental or emotional traumas, it is been reported by some that healing comes much quicker and lasts longer. The Crystal Surgery practitioner helps ease you, the client, into receiving and accepting your own healing by supporting your body’s ability to heal naturally.

*The crystal surgeon practitioner never recommends stopping following your physician’s care, or, stopping medication without consulting your physician first.


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Very Relaxing

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How is crystal surgery is experienced?

First, the client meets with the practitioner and the specific goals and intent for the session is agreed upon.

Then, fully clothed, the client is assisted by the practitioner to get on and lay down comfortably on a soft massage table with blankets, if preferred.

The practitioner sets the agreed upon intention and quiets the client’s energy field waving calming energies over and through it about 6-18 inches above their physical body.

The client goes into a restful meditative state and may even sleep during the session.

This is beneficial as Crystal surgery is done with the client in the alpha state (the sleep/meditative state). With crystal surgery the client is in one brain wave state while the practitioner is in another.

In this alpha wave state the client is able to easily allow the crystal energy and its information in their etheric energy field because they are relaxed and at peace.

Crystals are used in the energy field like a scalpel to eradicate energy blocks, densities or release excess energies. So stones and crystals are used as tools and some are laid upon or around the body as intuitively guided.

Sometimes light touch is felt as crystals are laid near or on non-sexual parts of the fully clothed body or put in your hands.

Sometimes emotional release happens when certain areas are cleared and extracted in the energy field where the energy of past traumas were stored. The client being fully supported will come to a place of rest and peace after the releasing is finished.

If there is swelling in a specific area on the body, I have seen it alleviated after the session is finished. Sometimes immediate results are seen in the physical, sometimes it is reported happening over time, but there are never any guarantees, or specific results promised.