Reignbow Light


Crystal Surgery
$120 per hour

Energetically extracts dis-harmonic frequency in your auric field to facilitate healing through balance.
Bemer Machine Energy Healing
$30 per half hour

State of the art energy device with various frequency settings used to enhance overall wellbeing at the physical level. Includes a series of health coaching sessions while tracking progress.
Spiritual Life Coaching
$85 per hour

Includes assistance in raising your vibrational levels which help to change specific Life Patterns. Guidance is given to help release those things that no longer serve your highest good along with a refinement of your priorities, objectives, and goals.
Energy Clearing Work
$85 per hour

For the aura, the energy around your body, your home, or land, helping to create a more peaceful environment.
Crystal Grid Design
$85 per hour

To enhance energetic harmony for your home, room, or land.